Information excess or overload is a “Can you top this topic” for discussion at most any water cooler or lunchroom today. Conversely, without the abundant information we often despise, few of us would be able to function efficiently in our jobs. This is especially true in a manufacturing environment where both basic and advanced technology information is needed daily. From the simplest ejector pin dimensions within a plastic mold die to the zone temperature sensors specifications for the molding process, research was required for both. This research often includes investigating the technical puzzle of how all the physical mold die pieces fit together as well as the process of how the plastic material flows, reacts and cools within the created mold environment.


Injection Molding Die Plastics Analysis SoftwareInjection Molding Die Plastics Analysis Software

Most of us feel much better about excess (money, debt, friends, kids, ailments) if we have a plan to manage the excess. Since the majority of information excess today resides online it is important to make an intentional check of your OREL. Don’t worry as no medical tests are required as the OREL is your “Online Research Efficiency Level”.

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned. -Benjamin Franklin

Ben had no appreciation for the amount of online information that is available to us today. We don’t know, but his comment probably was referring to the physical arrangement of 100+ large open books and piles of hand written research papers scattered throughout his laboratory.

Today, instead of physically arranging books and papers, we have the task of organizing online information with minimal mouse clicks for retrieval. Fortunately for us, we have efficient ways of organization through the use of bookmarks, software tools and apps. It’s a subtle difference, but organized information, even with software or an app doesn’t guarantee intuitive or immediate retrieval and that is the end goal.

So let’s rate your OREL on a scale of five points.

  • For many, “organized” includes bookmarks and shortcut icons on your browser/home page which are sufficient for basic information retrieval needs (give yourself 1 point).
  • If your requirements are more technical, a better approach might include segregation by topics such as: catalogs, formulas, conversions, analytical software, grouped materials, advanced manufacturing and reference websites (1 more point).
  • If you have purchased bookmark software (Bookmark OS, Google Bookmarks, Delicious or others) for efficiency retrieval, that’s a real effort (1 more point).
  • Have you incorporated your professional social media information (blogs, posts, news feeds, companies, people) and downloaded available apps for your research efforts? (1 more point).
  • The highest honor of “being most organized” (for a total of 5 points) is given if you have included Ohio Carbon Blank’s vital online graphite resources. These include:
  1. Test 6 EDM Graphic Wear Data
  2. Graphite Properties Tool
  3. Electrode/Material Tool
  4. Frequently Asked questions
  5. Graphite Material Chart
Test 6 Graphite Wear Comparison Data 
So, we hope your OREL (Online Research Efficiency Level) tallied 5 points. If not, we’re on your side.
Although we strive to place all graphite information online, often some questions need to be answered in person.
Online or in person, our Graphite Specialists are available to assist you with any of your graphite related needs at: [email protected] or (800) 448-8887 Ext. 105 or 106.